28 April 2007

The sleepover cake

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I've gotten a lot of questions about the sleepover cake from my daughter's spajama party. So, I thought I'd tell you how I made it, and offer the link should you want step by step directions. The cake was first frosted with orange icing (top 1/3). I then sliced twinkies lengthwise and placed them on the lower half. I sliced marshmellows lengthwise as well for pillows. The heads are nilla wafers. I frosted the "blanket" with pink icing (extending up and over the bottom 2/3 of the twinkies. I used Cake Mate decors for the eyes (stuck with icing) and florettes on the blanket. I found ruffle-y looking Fruit By The Foot for a bedskirt. I used Cake Mate writing icing for the hair. And the party hats are just Wilson Icing Decorations.

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20 April 2007

meet kavi

I had the pleasure of shooting pictures of this beautiful babe this week.

17 April 2007

"Spajama" birthday party

For Adriana's 8th birthday party we did a "spajama" party. Adriana picked pink and orange as her colors. Everyone came in their pj's, but did not spend the night. And they got pedicures. They also decorated pillowcases (plain white that I put pink ribbon around to dress up a bit) with fabric markers.

The invitations looked like this:
The table was made to look like a bed.

We served pizza rolls (pillow shaped), sushi (rice krispy treats wrapped in fruit-by-the-foot with a jelly belly bean stuck in the middle), potato chips, lollipops and cake.
The cake idea came from Family Fun... I had so much fun decorating it.

Orange balloons scattered the floor. Hot pink streamers, lights and lanterns gave the room a lounge-y feel. I got a few magazines (Highlights, National Geographic for kids) for the girls to thumb through while they got their toe nails painted, and they watched "Charlotte's Web".

This was probably my favorite birthday party yet. A lot of prep work, but the party itself was so enjoyable... not stressful at all.

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13 April 2007

a little color

...for my friend's whisper blue kitchen:

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