22 March 2007

These are a few of my favorite (old) things

A few days ago Tongue in Cheek asked her readers what sort of antiques they own or collect. Blackeyedsue also blogged about pretty old things that she loves. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of a few beautiful things I've acquired over the years.

This is a great idea for quilt remnants - cut them into heart shapes or sew them into miniature pillows:

A Stickley rocker :

some old stamp presses:

antique bobbins used as candle holders:

unused violin scraps and photos of my musical ancestry:

roses painted on an old ceiling tile:

an old family quilt:

a tea cup purchased from a second hand store:

old sap buckets make me feel springy!

what used to be my antique room has since turned into a play room (and the furniture is safe in storage until my kiddos grow up):

15 March 2007

A memory box...

... for someone special.

13 March 2007

Photo shoot II

This time my kiddos... we have cabin fever bad today! What better way to deal than snap some impromptu photos?

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11 March 2007

Photo shoot

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take pictures of beautiful baby Sam. Sure made me wish I could focus on photography for a while! I love it!

07 March 2007

You gotta love Spring!

The colors, the skirts, the bunnies, everything!

My mother sent me this bunny cut-out years ago. I finally got around to painting in last year or the year before. Can't remember. Anyway, thought it was too cutesy for my taste. But once I get a nice little arrangment of potted flowers around, it's quite charming.

(excuse the Thomas that somehow made it into my picture... I believe it was stowed here out of reach of my 4 yo for some good reason)

02 March 2007

crazy for polka dots

I can't get enough of polka dots. No other pattern can vie for my attention. :)

For Sasha's room...

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