11 July 2007

their bathing spot

I painted my children's bathroom last weekend. Finally. I really procrastinate when it comes to painting (notice, I still need to cut in around the towel rod and hook). I don't enjoy it much. My husband loathes it. So it takes me a while to work up the drive to do it. Alone. Of course, I'm always pleased with the results and think "How did I ever survive in a white room?"

Oh. And P.S. I like color.

applique t-shirts

They're done! Not the greatest pictures, but you get the idea. On to the next!

05 July 2007

July the 4th

It was a special day for us - our youngest turned one year old! So, we celebrated party style.

the festive birthday cake

i just love these star shaped ice cubes from the $1 aisle at target... also did not go with traditional stars and stripes this year... polka dots and checkers are more fun anyway (in the traditional colors, of course)
pigs in blankets - the kids' favorite

my family :)

And here are the one year pictures I took of Sasha! I'm photshopping them right now - doing some black and white with color in a few of them.