26 February 2007


I'm finally painting my bedroom. Why is that I always come last? Lol. Actually, it has taken me this long (6 years?) to choose a color. Yes, that is how I am with paint. Wierd considering how uninhibited I am otherwise. Anyway - here is a before picture, including the vignettes in my room that inspired the color choice - a collage of my photography (our kids) and the display on top of our armoire which includes all the colors going into the room. The color we are using is called Village Square by Behr (wish that sample was bigger, oh and btw, this is my new friend). HOPEFULLY I'll have an after shot to show REAL soon. Like right after I finish painting the kids' bathroom (which has also taken 6 years to get right).

22 February 2007

Frame and Painting

This frame was made using scrapbook paper and mod podge, a scrap of brocade ribbon and a small rustic heart.

This is my most recent painting, done especially for my bedroom. I used a palette knife for the background texture and a tool that pulls away paint - looks like a chiseled eraser - to draw the flowers. It is matted on linen board. I am still looking for the right frame for it.

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21 February 2007

... and because I still have V-Day on the brain...

Or because it makes such a great theme for a party, here's pictures from a baby shower I threw last night.

Some might think this idea is tacky, but I love balloons. Scattering them along the floor is a fun addition to any party.
Here are the decorations I used on the food table. I hit the sale at Target after V-Day and got this letter set for about $4! It's perfect! Same thing with the dessert plates - less than $1 each in the $1 aisle. And the candles were under $2 each at WalMart. The black and white picture of the children is actually a greeting card. I used a few of them throughout the house. Talk about cheap and unique decor!

And here's the table with food on it... the heart-shaped cheese was my favorite. And the sugar cookie heart cakes decorated like a big cookie were fun, too.

Another simple idea - laying heart-shaped doilies out on the counter. I put my punch bowl here.

And since the punch bowl looked so lonely on this big island all by itself, I made this sign for the guest of honor using my daughter's chalk board and an easel. It had a tin bucket of conversation hearts on either side.

Last but not least, a little something to take home... a small canister of cinnamon heart mints found in the craft section at WalMart. About $8 for 6.

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14 February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Welcome to my new blog! My first entry is only appropriate for opening day... ideas for Valentine's Day.

The essential front door holiday decor:

my children's special school lunch - crackers tied up in licorice, strawberry yogurt (just the right color!), heart-shaped sandwich (use a cookie cutter) and little debb!e snack cakes:

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