21 February 2007

... and because I still have V-Day on the brain...

Or because it makes such a great theme for a party, here's pictures from a baby shower I threw last night.

Some might think this idea is tacky, but I love balloons. Scattering them along the floor is a fun addition to any party.
Here are the decorations I used on the food table. I hit the sale at Target after V-Day and got this letter set for about $4! It's perfect! Same thing with the dessert plates - less than $1 each in the $1 aisle. And the candles were under $2 each at WalMart. The black and white picture of the children is actually a greeting card. I used a few of them throughout the house. Talk about cheap and unique decor!

And here's the table with food on it... the heart-shaped cheese was my favorite. And the sugar cookie heart cakes decorated like a big cookie were fun, too.

Another simple idea - laying heart-shaped doilies out on the counter. I put my punch bowl here.

And since the punch bowl looked so lonely on this big island all by itself, I made this sign for the guest of honor using my daughter's chalk board and an easel. It had a tin bucket of conversation hearts on either side.

Last but not least, a little something to take home... a small canister of cinnamon heart mints found in the craft section at WalMart. About $8 for 6.

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