22 March 2007

These are a few of my favorite (old) things

A few days ago Tongue in Cheek asked her readers what sort of antiques they own or collect. Blackeyedsue also blogged about pretty old things that she loves. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of a few beautiful things I've acquired over the years.

This is a great idea for quilt remnants - cut them into heart shapes or sew them into miniature pillows:

A Stickley rocker :

some old stamp presses:

antique bobbins used as candle holders:

unused violin scraps and photos of my musical ancestry:

roses painted on an old ceiling tile:

an old family quilt:

a tea cup purchased from a second hand store:

old sap buckets make me feel springy!

what used to be my antique room has since turned into a play room (and the furniture is safe in storage until my kiddos grow up):


Char said...

Fun stuff! I especially love the violin scraps. They're just SO you!

Kate said...

Wow, LOVE it, girl! That rocker is lovely...great idea for the quilt remnants, bobbins and sap buckets...cool, I've never seen those before! Great eye...do you "rent" yourself out to decorate?? ;) Have a great day!

Morning Glory said...

I love all of it. The rocker is a beauty! Who is the maker of the teacup and saucer?

PJ said...

I love this stuff, I'm inspired!

I really loved the Frames on the wall above the Rocker, they sang to me!

Lei said...

I am never blogging when Sasha is awake (and the tea cup is in her room, lol). But I'll try to remember to come back and let you know... :)

Lei said...

Morning Glory - it only has a # on it, that I can see. Guess it's nothing special! But, I did buy it solely for its looks. ;)

Morning Glory said...

Well, whoever made it, it's really pretty! I can't resist teacups and my collection is ridiculously large.

Zoe said...

Oh, I loved looking at these things! You really do have a lot of cool stuff!! I LOVE what you have done with the room . . .love the color too! :)

Susie said...

Great Post!! And how funny as I have almost the same teacup I have several old ones, I collect old bobbins ( I like primitive, and antiques) I have a few old quilts, my parents have almost the same rocker, and I have several sap buckets ( I paint on them! SO Cool!!! Wow we have alot in common!!!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What taste! I love all these "things"... really they are heirlooms!