25 June 2007

Oh, my poor little crafty blog

It's not a big surprise that this little blog has been shoved to the side... I have been torn between posting here and over at My Many Colored Days, which I am not sure many of you know about. During the summer, my life becomes completely about my children, and both of these blogs are good places to write about that. My children inspire both what I write and what I create, a lot of the time. But each blog maintains a different readership, both of which I deeply appreciate, so although the idea to merge the two blogs is tempting, I'll just plug along here posting when I can, until I have more time on my hands. I have yet to post pictures of my redone playroom, let alone countless other projects I have announced here. Lol. But patience is a virtue... and I thank you for yours.

My latest craze is projects with fabric. But I have a huge confession... especially to all those fabulous sewing goddesses whose blogs I frequent. I am extremely intimidated by sewing machines. In fact, I have very little experience with them. I think most people that know me assume I am a proficient seamstress... I use fabric a lot in my projects. Let's just say I am much more handy with glue than I am with needle and thread. Unless it can be done by hand... and I have made many a project more difficult by sewing by hand. Let me tell you! That picnic blanket I last posted is going to help me face my fear... pull out my mother's old machine, and have a go. :)

This project, however, has been simple to hand sew. And I am having lots of fun with the endless possibilities. This tee is for my 2 yo little boy:

And this tee will soon have a rubber ducky on it, for my babe:


CHEL said...

Cute ideas... I love to sew, but finding the time... well, that's another story.
I love these. I am totally going to copy it :)

Dee Light said...

Fun stuff!! I have such a hard time sewing with my little guy around.

Morning Glory said...

I like your blog of crafty things. I can use a sewing machine, as you know, but I'm not good with the craft stuff. So we all have our strengths.

I know what you mean about maintaining a separate themed blog. I wish more people knew or paid attention to my sunset/sunrise photo blog because I'm just sure they'd love the view. But I'll still keep it separate.