21 August 2007


I've been tagged by Amy at Happy Things to do the 8 random things meme. I've done this meme in all of its various forms at My Many Colored Days already. But for my little creative spot, I am going to put a spin on it and name 8 random favorite books:

Gotta love a little Martha:

Sark is all about self undulgence:

fun stuff for what's going on with your yard:

great coffee table book:

LOVE this children's book, it's a gem!:

I was shabby before I even knew the queen of shabby... a match made in heaven:

the only way I can tolerate country (title is "modern country"):

good read for all women:


Jennie said...

how fun! i totally love books!

Jean Knee said...

I read the secret life of bees but all the rest were new (well I know martha just not that book)

Zoe said...

I just finished the Secret Life of Bees last week. Loved it!! Thank goodness that we can have multiple mothers in our lives huh?! :)

Michelle said...

I have never even heard of that children's book. I'm going to have to get it and take a look. :D

Lauri said...

I was JUST looking at that book the other night in Target...I was really looking for another one though-can't remember the name, just that it was by Elizabeth Berg-so I didn't get it. I never did find the one I was looking for though...may have to go back and get it!

meta said...

I love your list!!!